Implementation Made Easy

Implementing HybridChart within your practice is so easy that we call the process Jump Right In.


It is so simple, plus you'll have your very own dedicated Implementation Specialist to guide you through it!

The Jump Right In implementation process has three easy stages:

Stage One: Prepare

In as few as two online meetings and through the utilization of a simple checklist, your personal Implementation Specialist will join forces with a Project Manager from your office to gather some configuration data and identify the right onboarding strategy for your practice. In this stage, you will pick a 'Go Live' date.

Stage Two: Engage

In as few as four role-based instructor-led online courses, all of your key staff will be coached to use this intuitive application in their own workflow. A whole host of online resources are also available to support users in their own space and time.

Stage Three: Optimize

After Go Live, your Implementation Specialist stays with you to ensure all of the features your practice can benefit from are in place and optimized for your practice's unique custom clinical goals and workflow.

"Deeper Dive" for Ongoing Support

Our Deeper Dive resources, all available online, include videos, TIPs, webinars and Focus Groups that will always be available to you free of charge.

Transition to Support Team

Your Project Manager at your practice will determine when your practice is ready to transition to our talented Support team. Even then, you will continue to have access to a dedicated Customer Success Agent familiar with your practice workflow.

We're proud that HybridChart has successfully helped customers significantly reduce their readmission rates by improving their discharge planning process. We can help you too.

What are you waiting for? Explore the benefits of HybridChart for your practice by requesting a Discovery Session today.